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Dress Up Your Pup: My Favorite Props for Pet Photos

Capturing your dog's unique personality on camera is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. One key way to make your photos stand out is to choose the right props. Here’s a guide to some of my favorite props, blending fun, class, and creativity to showcase your dog's charm!

For my clients: I have a lot of these in studio (anything pictured below is something I own), but if there are any you specifically want, make sure to mention it ahead of time so I can make sure I still have it!

If you want to find props yourself, check out Amazon and your local party store.

Flower Crowns & Hawaiian Lei's

Flower crowns add a whimsical and dreamy touch to your photos. These can be placed on your dog's head or around their neck like a garland. I have a variety of crowns at the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you have a specific color scheme or flower type in mind. (Amazon has great flower crowns)

Hawaiian leis bring a fun, tropical vibe to your dog’s photos, perfect for a summer-themed shoot. These colorful flower necklaces are lightweight and easy to wear, so your pup stays comfy.


Shiny bead necklaces can add a playful and colorful look, while plastic gold chains offer a trendy, lightweight "bling" vibe for your dog. Ensure the necklaces and chains are comfortable, not too tight, and adjustable for a perfect fit. Avoid heavy or bulky items to keep your dog happy during the shoot (that's why I purchase light plastic chains).

Fancier Headpieces and Neck Adornments

Elizabethan ruffle necklaces can give your dog a regal and sophisticated look, while something like a sunburst metal headbands add a fun and striking visual element to your photos. These are a bit classier and timeless.

Birthday Hats

If it’s your dog’s birthday or adoptiversary, a cute birthday hat is a must. Pair it with some balloons or a dog-friendly cake for a festive look. I have a few options available, so you can choose the one that best suits your dog! Balloons can be a fun prop too if they don't make your pet uncomfortable.

Everyday Fun

Simple props like bandanas, bowties, or your dog’s favorite toy can highlight your dog's personality and make the photos more relatable and fun. These props can be both colorful and muted, depending on the vibe you want. I have a few in studio but you can get great ones from companies like Healthy Spot and Foggy Dog!


Balls are not just a prop but something interactive that can bring out the playful side of your dog during the photoshoot. Whether it's the classic orange Chuckit! ball or colorful tennis balls, these toys encourage movement, fun poses, and genuine smiles.


Okay, bubbles aren't your typical prop, but they add a touch of magic and whimsy to your dog's photos. The playful movement and shimmering colors create magical moments that capture joy and spontaneity in every shot. Plus, watching your pup chase bubbles is pure happiness! Not every dog loves them, but I take it slow and do my best to get them comfortable - a lot of them run right in and don't even mind!


Frameless glasses can add a touch of silliness and cuteness to your dog’s photoshoot, especially if your pup is comfortable wearing them. These glasses are lightweight and lensless, so they're more comfortable for dogs to wear.

Holiday Themed Props

Celebrate the seasons and holidays with themed props. Whether it’s a Santa hat for Christmas, bunny ears for Easter, or pumpkins for Halloween, these props can make your photos festive and fun. Think about the colors and themes that resonate most with you and your pup’s personality.

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