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Commercial Photos

Bring your brand to life

With over 20 years of experience working with animals, I’ve done it all to get that perfect shot.

My experience working with pet brands and organizations—large and small—has enabled me to capture bold, emotive imagery that helps brands stand out. From marketing material to social media content to product photography, let’s create something special together.

A network of over 400 dog models

By working with me, you'll gain access to:

Location scouting to find the ideal spot

Tailored packages to fit all of your content needs

A photog who’s as passionate about pets as you

“Sarah is unbelievably talented! I’ve worked with her on 4 different photo shoots with my dog Sushi. I needed her help to capture creative shots for multiple product partnerships. I love Sarah’s creative eye and her ability to make magic wherever we are shooting. She is extremely skilled, professional, and passionate about her work, and the photos always come out beautifully! Not to mention, my dog is in love with her!”



The Process

The process to get started is simple! If you have any questions, contact me and I'll be happy to help.


Step One

Reach out by completing my inquiry form.

I’ll be in touch to gather more information from you, and you’ll also receive more details about the process of working with me. You can also book a free consultation call so we can go over your specific needs.

Step Two

Receive a proposal outlining how I can help

Once you select your preferred option and sign the contract, we’ll get started on the fun stuff!

Step Three

Let the planning begin!

We’ll work together to plan your photoshoot, including location, models and vibe. Using the compiled shot list, the photoshoot will take place on location or in a studio. Following the shoot, I will provide an album of selections to your team. Once you pick your favorites, I’ll work on retouching the files depending on your specifications; please let me know of any crops, etc.

Send inquiry
  • Do you work with big brands?
    I work with brands of all sizes, from one-person teams to international companies. Reach out via my contact form to tell me more about your company and photo needs, and I’ll send over a tailored quote.
  • Can you source animal models?
    Yes! I have a database of over 400 dog and cat models in Southern California, covering all breeds, ages and abilities. I can also scout human models if needed.
  • Do I need to be at the photoshoot?
    You’re welcome to join us, but most clients elect to simply send the products to me and let me work my magic! We can chat more during the planning process to determine what works best for you.
  • What can I use the images for?
    In short: Anything you want! I will determine a licensing fee depending on how you plan to use the photos. If you decide to change or add to the usage down the road, that’s totally fine–simply get in touch and we can figure out the licensing details!

Brands I've worked with


Timberly Williams


Timberly Williams

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