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6 Creative Photo Ideas for Valentines Day

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Valentines is a day to celebrate love, and who better to celebrate with than your dog! Whether your creating content for Instagram or a Valentine for friends, this list will give you ideas to jumpstart the perfect V-day content of your pup.

1. Take your love outside

It's always fun getting outside to take photos. There are tons of great heart & love themed street art locations across LA. Even just finding a pink-heavy location will work when paired with a cute Valentines Day caption 💓

2. Sweet cookies to celebrate your sweet love

Many places carry themed cookies for dogs, including Healthy Spot! Swing by and pick up some V-day themed cookies for your dog to enjoy. They're usually vibrant and look great in photos.

3. Rent a fun photoshoot location

It can be super fun to rent a unique photo location, and by no means do you have to have a professional camera to make great content at these spots! Bring your dog & your phone, and let your creativity flow.

If you're not ready to rent a location, you can use home goods like a pink rug to set up a cute Valentines shot. And always feel free to add more props!

Ready to get outside for these photos? Pose your dog in front of some roses or pink flowers in your neighborhood for your Valentines Day photos (pink accessories are a bonus!)

4. Celebrate with flowers

Get your dog flowers! Everyone loves flower photos, whether they're real flowers or not :)

5. Keep it simple

Whether you have lights or not, it can be super fun to shoot on plain backdrop paper. If you're shooting indoors with natural light, try to set up your paper close to a window. If you have space outside in the shade, that can be a great option as well! You can add lots of props, or keep it super simple like the images below, up to you!

Find the paper I use here.

6. Level up your images with graphics

Want to add a little magic to your photos? If you have Photoshop, you can consider adding overlays to your image, like these Valentines Day Bokeh Overlays from Etsy Works for both studio and lifestyle photos!

Another option: Use Canva (it's free!) to make a Valentine for your IG followers, like this one I made of my dog Nova last year,

7. Make your own creative backdrop

Start getting crafty, and make your own backdrop for photos at home! Visit a craft store like Michaels or JoAnnes, or scan through Amazon - there are an infinite amount of options for creative backdrops! Think paper fans, garlands, balloons, cut out hearts... the options are endless!

Some of my favorite Valentines Day photos I've ever done have yet to be published, so I'll have to update this when Feb is over! Definitely check out my Valentines Day Pinterest Board for tons of AMAZING V-day photos to inspire your next shoot 💖

Here's a link to some of my favorite props and backdrops on Amazon for your V-Day pics!

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