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Los Angeles Pet Photo Locations: Cal Tech University, Pasadena

As a dog photographer, finding new places for my sessions is always a fun part of the job. From picturesque parks to bustling city streets, each location offers its own unique charm. I had the pleasure of stumbling upon the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) campus, and realized how beautiful of a campus it was.

Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, Caltech boasts not only world-class academics but also breathtaking landscapes and architectural wonders. From lush greenery to striking buildings, every corner of this campus provides a picturesque backdrop for pet photography.

One of the highlights of the Caltech campus is its nicely manicured landscaping. As you wander through the grounds, you'll find yourself surrounded by lush gardens, vibrant flowers, and towering trees.

But it's not just the landscaping that makes Caltech a photographer's dream—it's also the nice collection of buildings around campus, and each building offers its own unique style and character. Whether you're looking for a backdrop with classical elegance or modern flair, you're sure to find it here. This is why many college campuses are fantastic for photo sessions - lots of space, architecture, and nice landscaping, removed from the hustle of the general public.

Here are a few from Mila's session, with a focus on architectural shots,

Caltech offers plenty of secluded spots where you can capture intimate moments between pets and their owners without distractions. Whether it's a tranquil courtyard or a secluded pathway, you'll find plenty of great spots.

Here's a few more from Max & Howie's session,


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