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Los Angeles Pet Photo Locations: Kenneth Hahn Park

Updated: May 7

Can we talk about this seriously cool spot that so many Angelenos seem to be sleeping on? I'm amazed how many dog owners come here with me, having never heard of it before. Kenneth Hahn Park is like finding a secret treasure chest right in the heart of LA, and it's the ultimate backdrop for capturing those adorable moments with your pups amongst nature, with the option of an iconic skyline shot. Let's dive into why this place is an awesome option for your next dog photoshoot in LA.

Upper Area: Where Adventures Kick Off with Iconic Views

Picture you and your dog, surrounded by a sprawling pastoral field (in winter/ aware it does get a bit dry in the summer). That's what the upper area of Kenneth Hahn Park is all about. It's like the ultimate doggy playground – whether you're snapping action shots of your pups frolicking in the greenery or grabbing those sweet, candid moments as you explore the trees and trails together. Also, in the spring, the field has patches of little white flowers - pretty magical for dog photos!

Check out these photos from Mozart's session on the upper grass bowl at golden hour in spring,

And a few more from various other sessions on the upper lawn,

Here are some from Tiki & Georgia's spring campaign photoshoot for Healthy Spot,

And oh, did I mention the view? From Kenneth Hahn's upper park (here's the specific spot) you've got the most iconic view of Los Angeles. It's been photographed by pros all over the world. Picture this: the mountains lining up perfectly behind the DTLA skyline, with tons of cityscape in between. It's like something out of a movie, and you and your pups can be the stars of the show!

Lower Area: Zen Vibes for Days

Now, let's head down to the lower area of the park – it's like a little slice of tranquility nestled right in the middle of LA's hustle and bustle. Here, you'll find yourself surrounded by the serene beauty of a little Japanese garden, complete with lush foliage, and that chill vibe you didn't know you needed.

Here are some photos from Bumble's session in the Japanese Garden of Kenneth Hahn,

Hillside Trails: A Burst of Spring Color

But wait, there's more – especially in spring! The hillside trails at Kenneth Hahn Park come alive with vibrant mustard flowers, creating a jaw-dropping backdrop for your photoshoot. Seriously, picture your pups surrounded by those golden blooms – it's like something out of a dream!

These were taken just outside the Japanese Garden... a few more shots from Bumble's session,

Lower Area: Lake and Creek

Located just to the side of the Japanese Garden is a little lake (often with ducks/geese), and a creek running down into it. There's another hillside to the side of the water with a wall of eucalyptus that filters the sun as it sets to the west.

Here a few from the lake in the morning, from Hana's session,

And a few from the the surrounding grass area in the lower part of Kenneth Hahn, from Daisy's session at sunset,

Lower Area: Mark Ridley Thomas Pedestrian Bridge

Right before you even officially enter the park, there's a tiny one lane road up to a separate grass area, and the Mark Ridley Thomas Bridge.

This area has a little grass lawn to the side of the bridge, shielded by tall trees, that also makes for great photos.

On the other side of the bridge, there's actually a trail to a community garden that was also amazing for photos. Here are some more from Sawyer the Labradoodle's session,

So there you have it – Kenneth Hahn Park is where it's at for your next dog photoshoot if you're craving open spaces and city views. Whether you're seeking adventure, tranquility, or just some seriously Insta-worthy scenery, this place has got you covered.

Interested in booking a session? Send me an inquiry here.

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