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Los Angeles Pet Photo Locations: Santa Monica Pier

Updated: May 8

Every dog photographer knows that the perfect backdrop can turn a simple snapshot into an even better memory. And when it comes to iconic locations, few places can rival the charm and character of the Santa Monica Pier. With its colorful buildings and stunning views, it's a photographer's paradise... when it's not crazy busy with tourists that is. If you're going to attempt a shoot here, I recommend coming in the morning, or at least the off season. Unless you want those sunset vibes in which case golden hour it is!

Check out two of my favorite sessions from the Santa Monica Pier, both of which happened to be on gloomy days! It can actually be nicer when it's gloomy as we don't have to work around the bright sun. This location is definitely more ideal on a weekday/morning when it's less busy.

Pirate & Asha

Chunk & parents

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