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Los Angeles Pet Photo Locations: Vista Hermosa

Tucked away in the bustling neighborhoods near Downtown LA, you'll find Vista Hermosa Park, a charming green sanctuary that feels like a hidden gem amidst the city's hustle and bustle. You'd honestly be able to drive by without ever really knowing it's there!

Vista Hermosa Park is a haven for both adventurous pups and their nature-loving owners. With its lush greenery and lawns (not a huge park, but a bit of space to run) it's the perfect spot for dogs who thrive in open spaces and enjoy mingling with other dogs (people often have their dogs off leash here, and it's not a huge space, so not great for reactive dogs).

While the park can get a bit dry during the summer months and muddy after rainfall, its year-round charm makes it a go-to destination for city dwellers seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of LA. This also means it gets super busy on weekends with picnics, parties, and pups, so best to do a weekday if possible. Weekend mornings may work if weekends are the only option.

This park also boasts the iconic bench shot, that so many people travel to get! As such, there can literally be a line to take photos if you come on weekends.

There's also an upper section (also with great views) with fun, curvy, concrete benches and a few flower patches! It's to the side of a kids jungle gym area.

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