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Los Angeles Pet Photo Locations: The ROW

As a pet photographer, I'm always on the lookout for unique locations that offer the perfect blend of urban charm and artistic flair. I visited the ROW in DTLA for a dog event, and had to come back to do photos. With its eclectic mix of murals, walkways, and rooftop vistas, it's a playground for creativity and a haven for capturing cool dog photos against industrial walls and the city, with a splash of color here and there.

When you first walk out of the parking structure, you'll see a big "Downtown LA" mural that's perfect for the proud Angeleno, or LA business owner, and their dog.

The property features super tall industrial buildings, with stores and art at ground level. There are cool spots for photos in between the buildings, including some colorful ground murals.

A few more from around the property, taken for We Rate Dogs,

And, a few more taken for Konos,

Sawyer the Labradoodle modeling for Healthy Spot in the walkways between the industrial buildings,

And the grand finale.... photos from the rooftop!

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